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Creates the menu (because that's what chef's do). Eric will even do the shopping, cooking, service and clean up afterwards... unless you love to clean, he wouldn't want to take that away from you.



Put together a menu from our menu choices (or work with Eric to create your own) that you and your guest (10 to 50 of them) will enjoy, purchase your favorite beers, wine and/or liquor, (or all of the above) then sit back relax and enjoy yourself... Unless you want to help!


Whoever said having a personal chef come to your home, prepare dinner for you, serve you and clean-up afterwards was too expensive, clearly had no clue what they were talking about.
— Eric Daniel, Culinary Misfit

Separate checks,

No problem!


Get your friends on board. We only need a 48 hour notice*


Choose a menu that works with your and your guests budget


Everyone pays for themselves online. No awkward bill moments!

Let your friends know!

Culinary Misfit,  Denver Personal Chef


Eric Daniel, Head Chef & Creator of the Culinary Misfits

Denver, CO

First and foremost, Eric Daniel is not that kind of personal chef. 

He likes to think of himself more as a "personal event chef." He will bring you an in home culinary experience that restaurants just can't do. He creates menus that are fresh and seasonal, uses local ingredients as much as possible and will prepare it fresh in your home. 

Regardless if it's for a birthday, anniversary bachelor/ bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner or a casual night in with your friends; having a personal chef is much more affordable than you might think. And with our separate check service, splitting the bill has never been easier. 


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