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Catering & Personal Chef

Corporate events x weddings x just for the hell of it


Located in Denver Colorado, Culinary Misfits Catering & Personal Chef Services got to where they are by playing with their food...

Photos by 30 to 120 media

"When it  come right down to it, your food has to be delicious, your service must be spot on and no one should walk away hungry.

Culinary Misfits catering is perfect for any occasion. Regardless of your event,  we have a menu that will suit your price point and your culinary style.

Our catering is unique due to the fact that our foods are made fresh the day of your event. We believe that every caterer should do this, but unfortunately, it doesn't happen. The Culinary Misfits prides themselves on the freshness and quality of their food.

We also work closely with local purveyors and businesses such Lombardi Brothers Meats to provide, not only the highest quality of foods, but the most local. 



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Sample Menus

Home Service

10 to 25 guest

Sample Menus


25 to 100